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This novel would not be nearly as good without her. ... To put it simply: I cannot recommend working with her strongly enough. Evelyn is amazing.

Rob Blackwell - author of The Soren Chase novels and The Sanheim Chronicles


Thank you for your excellent editorial advice. Your feedback and encouragement gave me the courage I needed to put this out into the world.

C.C. Nugent - author of When the Dead Turn


 Read a review and Q&A by Rob Blackwell,
author of The Soren Chase novels and The Sanheim Chronicles


Brothel is not just a first play but also first anything that I have ever written in English. With an editor like you on my side, I don't think it will be my last.

Isa Seyran - playwright of Brothel

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You did such a thorough edit! ... [You] have such an eye for revision. ... Right on target. When I read that you were a researcher, I knew you'd be a good fit for this. ... Your notes helped me immensely.

Connie Wesala - author of The House on Fourth Street and We'll Find a Way