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Journal articles:

Jan. 2014 issue of the Plastic Surgical Nursing Journal

The article "offers a primer on the legal, ethical, and practical aspects of procedural informed consent and examines the value of nursing’s role within the process." 

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Student testimonials: 


Review by R.G.:

George Mason University and University of Malta graduate

"Open Boat is a necessity for grad students. I absolutely could not have completed my Master’s program without Evelyn Duffy’s expert editing and transcription services. 

I know that her meticulous review of my admissions essay secured my entry into an incredibly competitive program. Similarly, her advice on a personal statement for a scholarship application helped me reach the finalist round (I bombed the interview – I should have asked her help preparing for that too). 

Throughout my graduate program, I enjoyed the security and confidence of submitting major papers knowing all typographical and grammatical errors were removed. Even though I was in another country with a six-hour time difference, Evelyn always responded quickly and addressed all my concerns. 

I relied on Evelyn for the most important piece of academic writing I have ever produced: my Master’s thesis. Evelyn transcribed hours of interview recordings with amazing speed and accuracy. She also helped improve my writing style and comprehension for a more concise and coherent final document. 

Evelyn is truly a wonder. It would be silly to write anything without the Open Boat seal of approval." 

Review by R.S.: 

George Washington University and University of Cape Town graduate:

"I needed editing and critiquing assistance for my graduate thesis. Open Boat Editing provided quick and accurate assistance that improved the overall quality of my work.

Evelyn made countless great suggestions about content, structure, and grammar. She suggested corrections to my writing style that I have implemented ever since. She was able to provide valuable suggestions about readability and accessibility that allowed individuals outside my discipline to comprehend the arguments and respond to the theories presented.

With her help, I achieved one of the highest marks possible on my thesis and graduated from my University with distinction." 

Review by M.C.:

George Washington University graduate and student at the University of Florida, Gainesville:

"I asked Open Boat Editing to edit my graduate school personal statement for grammar, style, and content. I received comprehensive, customized feedback in each of these areas, strengthening the quality of the statement. 

Incorporating Evelyn's thought-provoking comments allowed members of the admissions committees to gain a better understanding of my character and potential in the field. Thanks to Evelyn, several prospective schools selected me for final interviews."