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When The Dead Turn, by C. C. Nugent                                           Published September, 2016

"Thank you for your excellent editorial advice. 

Your feedback and encouragement gave me the courage I needed to put this out into the world." 

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The Pretender, by Rob Blackwell                                                               Published May, 2016

"I'm also grateful for the help of my editor, Evelyn Duffy, who once again did a terrific job critiquing the novel and suggesting improvements. 

Evelyn is tough but fair, always letting me know when I've hit the right notes or wandered too far afield."

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The Last Blog, by Rob Blackwell                                                   Published October, 2015

I provided proofreading and content editing for Rob Blackwell's short story/Soren Chase Blog Post. 

Read more about Rob on his blog: Nobody Asked Me, But... and check out his page at Amazon for his latest books.

Carnival of Stone, by Rob Blackwell                                              Published September, 2015

"I also want to thank my editor, Evelyn Duffy, for her eagle-eye for mistakes and her suggestions on how to make this better."

Read more about Rob on his blog: Nobody Asked Me, But... and check out his page at Amazon for his latest books.

Brothel by Isa Seyran                                                                                        July 11-25, 2015
                                                                                                                            Trinidad Theatre

Turkish-born playwright and director Isa Seyran's play Brothel was staged as part of the D.C Capital Fringe Festival in July, 2015. 

After receiving my edits, Isa wrote: "When my script came back to me, it was in a much better shape than I imagined. It was filled with lots of corrections, notes, questions and suggestions. You also wrote a very detailed character analysis for my play which I took to the heart and adjusted the script based on your notes and suggestions. Brothel is not just a first play but also first anything that I have ever written in English. With an editor like you on my side, I don't think it will be my last."

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The House on 4th Street by Connie Wesala                                            Published April, 2015

In response to my edits, Connie wrote:

"First off, let me say how very complete your notes are. I was very pleased to see the detail and the time you invested in this project. ... You did such a thorough edit! ... [You] have such an eye for revision. ... Right on target. When I read that you were a researcher, I knew you'd be a good fit for this. ... Your notes helped me immensely. As a writer, we see it all in our heads and sometimes don't realize we haven't made it clear enough to the reader."

And in the book's Dedication, she added:

"Thanks to my editor, Evelyn Duffy, for her keen eye, her attention to content and historical accuracy, and for making this a much better read."

Check out Connie's Amazon page here. 

The Forest of Forever by Rob Blackwell                                               Published March, 2015

"I also want to thank my editor, Evelyn Duffy. I contacted Evelyn this spring with a daunting offer, asking her to edit three books at the same time (one novel and two novellas). She has been a vital partner and extremely helpful contributor on all three. She made several recommendations on various drafts of this novel, covering virtually every part of it and improving it in a multitude of ways. This novel would not be nearly as good without her. She also copyedited the final version of the book, fixing a number of both significant and tiny flaws. And she put up with me e-mailing her at all hours of the night — and while on vacation — asking questions about this or that.

In addition to her work with journalist Bob Woodward, Evelyn runs her own freelance editing service, Open Boat Editing. To put it simply: I cannot recommend working with her strongly enough. Evelyn is amazing." 

Read more about Rob on his blog: Nobody Asked Me, But... and check out his page at Amazon for his latest books

Closed at Dark by Rob Blackwell                                                    Published November, 2014

"I want to thank my editor, Evelyn Duffy, who helped shape this novella into what it is. When I initially wrote it, I kept trying to keep it short. The result was that I missed several opportunities to expand the story and make it more exciting. Evelyn was the one who challenged me to return to the narrative to flesh several parts out. She suggested a couple ideas that were only hinted at in the original draft... 

And once I wrote those parts, they seemed so essential to the story I couldn't fathom why I'd tried to skip over them. In short, the novella is much, much better as a result of her comments." 

Read more about Rob on his blog: Nobody Asked Me, But... and check out his page at Amazon for his latest books

The Belial Library by R. D. Brady                                                        Published January, 2014

"Thanks to my editorial team. ... And thanks to my copy editor Evelyn Duffy." 

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Give the Devil His Due by Rob Blackwell                                      Published September, 2013

On his blog, Nobody Asked Me, But..., Rob Blackwell wrote: 

"As I was finishing the last of several rounds of edits on Band of Demons last year, I decided to hire a copyeditor. With my first book, after editing and heavily revising multiple times, I spread the job of copyediting out to several friends, imploring them to catch typos. They caught many, but not all. With my sequel, I wanted a professional to take a fresh look after the editing and revising was done to catch any mistakes that my editor and I missed. Enter Evelyn Duffy.

A journalist friend of mine suggested I ask Evelyn for help. He said she was very talented, loved fiction and – I admit this had a lot of appeal – had already copyedited books for legendary journalist Bob Woodward. After reaching out to Evelyn at her company, Open Boat Editing, I hired her to copyedit Band of Demons.

The results were fantastic. She was quick, thorough, caught all of the small errors and provided valuable feedback more generally. In addition to finding typos, she pointed out plot inconsistencies (which were blessedly few and easy to fix), repetitive phrasing and many other little issues that can draw a reader out of the narrative. 

Having her read the book was a great relief since both my editor and I had looked over the book too many times, making it harder to catch mistakes. As many of you know, pressing the “publish” button can be nerve-wracking. After Evelyn’s copyedit, I had extra confidence that the book was finally ready to go.

For those looking for a professional copyeditor, I recommend Evelyn wholeheartedly. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and I think indie books could benefit from her keen eye."

Read the rest of Rob's review and an interview with me here on his great blog.


The Belial Stone by R.D. Brady                                                                 Published June, 2013

I provided proofreading and content editing for R.D. Brady's The Belial Stone. 

Check out R.D. Brady's books and blog.

Band of Demons: by Rob Blackwell                                                    Published October, 2012

"I want to thank Evelyn Duffy, my copyeditor. Evelyn agreed to help me out toward the end of the process and quickly and efficiently stamped out the remaining typos, repetitive word choices and other issues that can plague a book this long. She was a pleasure to work with and I recommend her highly to other authors looking for editing assistance." 

Read more about Rob on his blog: Nobody Asked Me, But... and check out his page at Amazon for his latest books